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Female|40 Years old (1979/10/10)|Living in Shanghai|18 Years

Recent Work
Position: Senior Software Engineer
Company: Hexagon Metrology Co., Ltd
Industry: Computers,Software
Highest Degree
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Degree: Master
Basic Info.
Wechat: dimcax
Hukou/Nation: Beijing
Height: 158cm
Marital Status: Married
Address: ROOM502, 25th BUILDING 616 BOXING ROAD,Shanghai, CHIN (Postal Code:200129)
Political Status: No Party
Website: dimcax.com
Current Annual Income   ¥30 x10K(Including basic salary,subsidy,bonus,ROE,etc)
Basic Salary: ¥2x10K
Bonus: ¥5x10K
Job Preferences
Target Salary: ¥25,000-29,999 Month
Location: Shanghai
Function/Position: Computer Aided Design Engineer   Senior Consultant   Senior Software Engineer   Algorithm Engineer   Software engineer
Industry: Instrument/Industry Automation   Machinery   Equipment   Heavy Industries   Aerospace/Aviation/Airlines   Computers   Software
Duty Time: immediately
Job Type: Both Full-time And Part-time
Self Review: GD&T expert and Senior software engineer(C++), very strict and very patient, Good At Team Work, strong self-study ability, focus on GD&T development and feature fit algorithm. 10+ years' C++ & Agile Programming experiment on CMM (named PC-DMIS) with Shanghai, Wilcox(USA), Hexagon group; 1 year's C ++ development experiment on CAD (named Solid3000 - contructed by Parasolid & OpenGL,Beijing) with URTSoft Co., 2+ years' CAM manufacture experiment on milling machine and wire cutting machine in 544 state-owned factory, 3+ years' GPSV(geometrical product specification and verification) research in HUST University, good at communication in oral English, have managed the GD&T web- dimcax.com for 10+ years.
Work Experience
2018/4-2019/11 Senior Software Engineer|Wilcox Shanghai R&D center
Hexagon Metrology Co., Ltd [1 year and 7 month]
Computers,Software|150-500|Foreign Comp.(Eur./N.Amer.)
Description: Focus on measurement Data analysis, GD&T specification & verification and feature fit algorithms of CMM software (PC-DMIS).
2006/5-2018/4 Senior Software Engineer|Wilcox Shanghai R&D center
Hexagon Metrology(Qingdao) Co., Ltd [11 year and 11 month]
Instrument/Industry Automation|500-1000|Foreign Comp.(Eur./N.Amer.)
Description: Agile Programming of CMM software: work for Wilcox(U.S. company), focus on geometrical data analysis of PC-DMIS, GD&T specification, geometry algorithm R&D and algorithm optimization using C++; Graphical analysis drawing of GD&T using OpenGL; import SolidWorks file format; add automatic test and unit test cases for some unstable modules with c#, etc.
2005/6-2006/5 Software Engineer|Product Design (CAD Software) R&D
URTSoft Co.(Beijing) [11 month]
Computers,Software|50-150|Private Comp.
Description: Develop Solid3000(CAD software based on Parasolid) in Beijing . Focused on the data interface,
which convert CAD format to the format of DWG or DXF of AutoCAD.
1995/1-1997/3 Others|8 mould workshop
544 State-Owned Factory [2 year and 2 month]
Machinery, Equipment, Heavy Industries|1000-5000|State-Owned Comp.
Description: Miller and work on linear cutting machine
Project Experience
2018/3-Present Focus on R&D of the new GD&T algorithm library
Related Company: Hexagon Metrology(Qingdao) Co., Ltd
Description: Focus on R&D of the new GD&T algorithm library -- construct datum features
1. Construct L1 (MinMax) /constrained L2 fitting plane/line with C++ in optimist team.
2. Check the GD&T error results of the new generation math library.
3. Analyze bugs at the request of PO (Chairman of the American geometric algorithms standard organization), search a solution, and distribute the bugs to other groups or others.
Responsibility: Construct the fitted features with the shape fitted library interfaces, verify GD&T error results and distribute bugs to others.
2014/6-2018/3 Optimize GD&T algorithm in Optimist team
Related Company: Hexagon Metrology(Qingdao) Co., Ltd
Description: 1. Optimize the algorithm for point cloud data.
2. Split code and refactor code using Strategy pattern.
3. Add unit tests or automated test cases to watch the original code.
Responsibility: Optimize algorithm, improve calculation efficiency and code stability.
2008/1-2014/6 Development of GPSV
Related Company: Hexagon Metrology(Qingdao) Co., Ltd
Description: 1. Focus on the new GD&T algorithms' R&D with C++, according to ASME standard specification - Y14.5.1, such as per unit straightness, per unit profile.
2. Develope the machine tool configurator named Hotswap in ARM group with c# & WPF.
3. CAD graphical analysis and textual analysis of geometric tolerance with OpenGL.
4. Maintain C++ code of FCF/legacy GD&T, alignment, and features construction with automated test C# code and unit test cases.
5. join the daily scrum metting/sprint meeting and manage the resource code using TortoiseHg tool.
Responsibility: Join the daily development and maintenance of CMM core groups.
2007/6-2008/1 Inspection Planner
Related Company: Hexagon Metrology(Qingdao) Co., Ltd
Description: Focus on Inspection Planner R&D in CAD team as below.
1. Export PC-DMIS model data to IP format
2. Create GD&T specification UI and IP Command
3. Parse GD&T IP command into PC-DMIS
Responsibility: Join to Inspection Planner R&D.
2006/6-2007/6 Import Solidworks model to PC-DMIS
Related Company: Hexagon Metrology(Qingdao) Co., Ltd
Description: Work in USA CAD team for Wilcox(USA comany, Hexagon group) focus on importing Solidworks model data and GDT annotation information using c++.
Responsibility: Project leader
2005/6-2006/4 Export to DWG or DXF format for Solid3000
Related Company: URTSoft Co.(Beijing)
Description: Work for URTSoft Co., focus on the research and development of CAD design software similar to Solidworks (customized for aerospace enterprises) -- Solid3000 (with Parasolid), mainly focus on GD&T data conversion, exporting model data into DWG or DXF format of Autocad.
Responsibility: Project leader
2002/9-2005/5 Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Description: Focus on design and verification of diameter tolerance of hole or shaft specified by ISO 1101 and ISO 8015, ISO 286 standards
1998/9-2002/7 North University of China
Bachelor|Mechanical Equipment Manufacture & Design
Skills & Speciality (Including IT skills、languages、certifications and trainings)
CATIA Advanced
C/C++ Expert
C#.NET Advanced
English Advanced
Data Analysis Expert
Android Good
Visual Basic Good
Dreamweaver Good
Python Good
Additional Info.
Topic: Activities
Description: Attended ISIST'2004 on Instrumentation Science and Technology in August, and
made an oral report on my paper in English well.
Paper title:
investigation on basic framework of integrated CAD/CAM/CAT system